F1 News: Alpha Tauri issue statement responding to “insulting” Dutch GP accusations.

Alpha Tauri responds.

Following the conclusion of the Dutch GP, an immense amount of scrutiny was placed upon Yuki Tsunoda and Alpha Tauri’s difficulties and subsequent retirement near the end of the race.

Towards the final phase of the race, the 22-year-old came to a stop after leaving the pits – initially reporting an unfitted tyre.

After a few moments of confusion, the team checked their data and informed him this was not the case.

Tsunoda continued before returning to the pits, where the team attempted to make some adjustments to the cockpit.

The AT03 was still clearly suffering from an issue after leaving the pits, forcing the 22-year-old to bring his machine to a halt in the first sector.

A virtual safety car soon followed, giving Red Bull’s Max Verstappen the advantage in his battle with Lewis Hamilton.

Such retirements and extraneous variables commonly play a part in the outcome of a race, but this did not stop some on social media from hurling abuse and accusing Alpha Tauri of foul play.

One social media post in particular – directed to Red Bull strategist Hanna Schmitz – has caught the attention of the Italian squad, who have condemned the accusations made against them:

“It is incredibly disheartening to read some of the language and comments directed at our team towards Red Bull Racing’s Head of Strategy, Hannah Schmitz. 

“Such hateful behaviour cannot be tolerated, and to entertain accusations of foul play is unacceptable, untrue and completely disrespectful towards both Hannah and us. 

“We have always competed independently, fairly and with the highest level of respect and sportsmanship. 

“Yuki had a failure that the team didn’t immediately detect, which caused him to stop on track. To suggest anything different is insulting and categorically incorrect.”