F1 News: Alpine to use Piastri compensation to sign Pierre Gasly

Pierre Gasly is now in the mix for an Alpine seat.

The situation at Alpine has continued to evolve throughout the summer, as the driver to replace Fernando Alonso next season remains unclear.

With that said, recent developments indicate that Oscar Piastri’s rejection of the team has encouraged the French squad to consider other options.

According to Sky F1’s Craig Slater, Alpine’s preferred option for next season is no longer Oscar Piastri but Pierre Gasly.

Following the very public breakdown in relations between Alpine and Piastri, it seems the French squad no longer considers the 21-year-old as part of their plans for 2023.

The CRB (Contract Recognition Board) has begun its analysis of the Piastri contract situation, which Alpine is confident will rule in their favour and give precedent to the contract they signed with the Australian last year.

Per this recent development, Alpine’s new target for 2023 is Pierre Gasly. However, the Frenchman has a contract committing him to Alpha Tauri for next season, which is perhaps why Alpine could seek financial compensation for Piastri’s rogue actions.

Rather than secure Piastri’s services, Alpine could use the monetary compensation they receive to pay the necessary sum to break Gasly free from his Alpha Tauri contract early.

The last few weeks have already demonstrated that contracts in Formula 1 are not set in stone, so it is not out of the question that Gasly will find his way to Alpine next season.

Though some believe the relationship between Ocon and Gasly could prove an obstacle for a Gasly move to Alpine, it seems unlikely an F1 team operating at such a high level would let a personal feud interfere with their 2023 selection.

As professional drivers, Ocon and Gasly would be expected to fulfil their responsibilities irrespective of their off-track relationship and – encouragingly for Alpine – the two competitors have proven more than capable of delivering solid performances.

Pierre Gasly has established himself as one of the most consistent drivers in the midfield and is among the best options available to Alpine.

Considering that Alpine is looking to boost its profile further commercially, forming an all-French lineup for the next few seasons (as F1 continues to grow) could be an effective way to grow the brand and increase sales.

An Ocon-Gasly partnership would also be a relatively young but experienced combination, putting Alpine in a very strong position for the long term.

However, time will tell if Alpine successfully acquires Gasly’s services.