F1 News: Carlos Sainz describes “incredibly frustrating” 2022 season

Carlos Sainz has admittedly struggled this season.

Carlos Sainz surprised most of the paddock in his first year with Ferrari last season, proving a match for Charles Leclerc after making the switch from McLaren.

2021 saw the Spaniard’s driver market value sky-rocket, establishing himself as one of the most consistent drivers on the field, capable of competing at a high level.

However, Sainz has not enjoyed the same success this year, struggling to extract the same performance from the F1-75 as his teammate. Leclerc has comfortably had the edge in most areas this season, something which Sainz himself as admitted.

As quoted by gpfans, Sainz has spoken candidly about his general frustrations this season:

“I’ve found it very frustrating, that after so many good years in Formula 1, I come into my first year having a competitive car and it’s the car that I struggle the most with driving. 

“I find it incredibly frustrating, especially knowing how good I am and how good I’ve been in the last few years in Formula 1, in the first year that I have a car to win, I find it such a difficult car to drive for my driving style and set it up for my liking. 

“But then the growth process has been huge during the season, and I managed to find a much better level. 

“But then as my championship hopes were starting to pick up, I had this DNF in Austria…

“What makes me happiest of all is that it looks like the team has turned a corner in terms of pure raw performance, and this year we’ve had a great car…

“We’re going to improve, keep improving as a team and make sure that we also get to a level where we’re winning championships. 

“But that also means we need to perform at an incredible level, between all of us, and I’m going to do my best to help the team and help myself het to that level.”