F1 News: Lando Norris says the McLaren was better suited Ricciardo at the start of the year

Lando Norris has explained the team dynamic at McLaren

McLaren continues to find themselves at the centre of discussion across the F1 paddock as their next steps following Ricciardo’s departure are discussed.

Ricciardo’s spell with McLaren has generally failed to meet expectations, with the 33-year-old unable to discover his best form with the Woking-based squad.

The Australian has described a general difficulty in adapting to the characteristics of the MCL36, admitting that he fails to understand how to extract the maximum potential of his machine.

Some have suggested that McLaren’s 2022 machine is better suited to the driving style and characteristics of Lando Norris, who has performed at a consistently higher level than his more experienced teammate.

Lando Norris has denied that he feels particularly comfortable in the MCL36, as quoted by motorsportmagazine:

“I think the only thing that people get extremely wrong in any opinion thinking that the car is designed around me, or suiting me more than it is him. 

“At the beginning of the year, it suited him more than it did for me. If I could choose an exact driving style for me to have and for a car to suit, then this car doesn’t give me anything of what I want to do. 

“Therefore, the job of a driver is to adapt to that, and just to the best you can with that car. Which is what I’m doing, and maybe [it’s] easier for me to do than it is for Daniel. I don’t know if that’s the reason.

“For every driver, it’s just adapting to the car you’ve got in the end of the day. 

“And the car I have now is not one which is designed around me in any way, it’s just the one that they can make the quickest as possible in the wind tunnel, and that’s what I got. 

“But that’s life. It’s the same with every team. It’s the same with everyone, that the car is just the quickest car that they make. And then it’s the driver’s job to go out and perform the best they can.

“In terms of setting up the car, we request different things. I generally request a lot more front end from the car. I never get it. It’s not how it works.”