F1 News: Nicholas Latifi “missing so much downforce” in Monza

It was a nightmare weekend for Latifi in Monza.

Nicholas Latifi’s chances of racing in F1 next season always appeared slim, but the Italian GP surely ended any chance of the Canadian racing with Williams in 2023.

Nyck de Vries adapted quickly to outperform Latifi in qualifying and race trim, serving as a brutal demonstration of Latifi’s struggles for pace throughout much of his career.

Speaking to the media post-race (as quoted by, Latifi described his very unpleasant afternoon in Monza:

“We got really compromised at the start. I got sandwiched in between a few cars – trying to avoid getting crashed into, basically.

“And then there were a few cars that cut the first corner and didn’t get any penalty. It compromised the race because then I became the first car [in front of] the cars – let’s say, out of position.

“So when all the faster cars were going to come through, I was the first one they got through…

“I think the way our car was today, it was [about trying to] maintain the position we were in, and [then] we had a fighting chance. 

“But to have to make up ground – our car is not a car you can race with. It’s fast in a straight line, but we cannot brake, and we cannot carry speed through the corners.

“I managed to get through a few cars, but we’re missing so much downforce – it was not fun out there.”

Williams has shown a reluctance to make aggressive, positive moves in the driver market over recent seasons, often going for more conservative, convenient decisions.

However, in a more economically viable sport  – and with new owners at the helm – it is surely time for the Grove-based team to make a statement of intent by changing its driver pairing for next year.